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Booking Info:

Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys
booking [at] janerosemusic [dot] com



"I own thousands of CD's. They are taking over my office. My hard drive is half full with MP3 files, as are all 3 of my IPods, and my DROID. I keep playing this one. Over and over. All the time. It thrills my senses. I'm on the "Jane Train" and for 28 minutes and 44 seconds. It's an incredible ride and I don't want to get off. Push the "repeat" button."


Brad Claussen, Rat Fest
"Howdy y'all! This is Brad from RAT FEST, YEAR OF THE RAT, custom car and bike show promotor. I hired three bands for my show in 2011, and by far, Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys put on the most rocking, high enrgy, chicken fling'n, rockabilly show of the day! Plus, they're a great bunch of folks to hang out with to boot! If you need a band to liven up your joint, I highly reccomend Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys!"


"Jane Rose has never killed anyone. At least she told me that. I think she may have wanted to though, on more than one occasion. What Jane has done is form one killer rock 'n roll band, and well armed with her own intelligent original material, they will rock your socks off. Her new CD, "Moonshine, Murder, and Poultricide" does just that. Jane has been writing songs since she was 14, one of which is on this record, "How Could You?" That's some real tough stuff for a 14 year-old girl to write. I think Jane grew up early, and got tough at a young age. You can hear it. Jane can put her feelings on paper, and to music. Her lyrics are compelling. She is a special talent that deserves your attention."



"Buy this CD!"

"I can't wait for the next one!"

"HOLY SMOKE!!!! You guys are the BEST BAND I've 'discovered' since I started out many a blue moon ago, hands down!! And Jane...with a voice like that you totally floored me! I've been listening to your stuff OVER AND OVER AGAIN and can't get enough of it!!!! STAY WILD & KEEP THE ROCK ROLLIN'!! I'm gone...long gone..."
-Hank C. Burnette

"Crow, Jane!"

"From the opening guitar riff of "Death Becomes Him", she had me. She owned my complete and undivided attention. I get like that sometimes. Then, she started singing, growling perhaps, but a little Rockabilly "hiccup" influence. Holy crap! The volume knob goes to 11. I am transported to a different place. A place I love. A place I am comfortable in. A place I can only get to through music. There's a bit of darkness there that I am uncomfortable with in my real life, but I can embrace it now."

"Am I Jane's "God-Damn fool"? Only when this record is playing."

"The rhythm section, Lee Bryant on bass, and Jefferson "J.D." Dorsey on drums have it nailed down tight, and I can't sit still. My feet are tapping. A banjo! A mandolin! Clay Miller adds a lot to this record. Dang, there goes Jane rocking that big red Gretsch again!"

"You are made of cool."

"I first met Jane Rose in St. Louis, Mo. where she tore it up with the Bible Belt Sinners. When she moved away I knew I hadn't heard the last of her. Now with a new combo, the Deadend Boys, Jane is still ripping up the rockabilly scene and this time she's not putting up with any crap. Moonshine, Murder and Poultricide. Watch out fellas, she's on a rampage with powerful songs like Death Becomes Him and Wrong Kind of Guy, she lets you know she's a kitten with claws. She's got her eye on you and she's gonna be treated right. The Deadend Boys sound as if the name is mere irony, the road is endless for these talented musicians. Lee, Clay, JD, Nick and Noah are powering this hot rod driven by Jane. Fueled by moonshine they're on a murderous rampage to success and keep your chickens in check. Poultricide is no joke."
-Al Swacker